Form Submission w/ File Upload to GDrive

I am a huge fan of using Google Forms to collect user input on websites. Google Form are available for all users of Google Apps at Work or Google For Nonprofit and they integrate well with websites. The are fast to assemble and your information is stored in an Excel like spreadsheet that you can use for additional purpose in your organization of company, i.e. import into CRM, databases or email marketing systems.

I had yet to hit the boundaries of this awesome service by Google until a client asked us to facilitate the upload of files via a webform, so they can be judged or collected for other purposes. Google Forms out of the box do not provide that kind of File upload functionality. So I have been looking around and I found Form+ via

So again here are the requirements:

  1. Form on a website
  2. File uploads
  3. Stored all (form data & submitted file) on Google Drive
    You create the form on site and you use the embed code on your website (see below).

your form

Once you are done assembling the form, you are able to share a link on the social networks, use it via iFrame or pop-up on your website, or share it on other platforms. (Right now it only offers Facebook integration, though.)

form preview

They offer a few nice additional options:


Submission Deadlines:

The form is closed automatically at set deadline. This is certainly come in handy for contest submissions or award nominations.

Email notification:

Receive an email when someone submit the form. If it becomes to much to handle you can request a daily summary via email or you can turn of email notification.

form plusTo use for File Uploads, it uses the Google account information you provided on sign-up.



Although not a Google service, it uses Google services as a platform

login with google account runs as a “free-mium” service: The free version restricts you to 15 submissions per month and you see ads in the form builder. You can see the full set of plans here. The lowest paid plan starts at $7 per month.

Just in case it wasn’t clear before. You do not need form+ if you like to have forms submitted to your Google Drive. Google Forms does that for you for free. The only part where Form+ would help you if you need a way for your visitors to submit files to you.

Now we covered Form+, let’s see what happens on your Google Drive account, after you set-up the form an a visitor submits a form.

screenshot shows form plus  folder

So now someone fills out the form, what will happen on your Google Drive account?

Below screenshot shows “Form+” folder with three items:

  1. Spreadsheet with the data from your form
  2. A backup of you form code you created on
  3. A folder called “Submissions”, where the submitted files will be stored.

google drive

The heart of the matter of course is the spreadsheet that stores all the form data submitted.

submission nfn4good

The file name of the accompanying file is also visible and link to the actual file in the other folder. See below with the Hyperlink view:


Other Form upload to GDrive solutions:

Caveat: I did not test any of them yet.

3rd party service:

Do-it-yourself s/Google Apps Script

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