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At lunch w Kivi & NancyLast week at the NCTech4Good conference I had the pleasure meeting Kivi Leroux Miller, a non-profit marketing consultant. Her presentation on Social Media was excellent.

No one wants to talk to a 501c3 – be personal, take us back stage! Kivi Leroux Miller on Social Media #nct4g2010

Photo: Nancy Shoemaker (@nes49) & Kivi Leroux Miller (@kivilm) at @nptech4good (@ = twitter handle: Click & Follow

Cover: The Next Generation of American Giving

Kivi Leroux Miller points out some statistics from the study published by Vinay Bhagat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Convio, Pam Loeb, Principal, Edge Research and Mark Rovner, Founder and Principal, Sea Change Strategies.

The Next Generation of American Giving – A study on the contrasting charitable habits of
Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Matures

Download the Whitepaper

And “our friends at Network For Good provide have a wealth of information, papers and articles on technology for nonprofits, too. Today, I’d like to point out
The 8Online Fundraising Changes You Must Make in 2010 by Katya Andresen.
Learn about multiple ways to connect with your donors and on how to manage your positive relationships in your donor network. A great read, easy to understand and sharing the gory details, too.

Download the PDF file

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