How to post to WordPress via Microsoft Word?

Sometimes you need to mull over some of your writing and use a more familiar way to craft you posting. WordPress lets you do that via the XML-RPC interface


XML-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism

XML = Extensible Markup Language

It sounds rather geeky and I am ok with you forgetting the meaning of the acronyms again, what it means is it’s simple that lets one software here Word communicate with another software via the Internet.

To start out to go through a series of screens and then you land on the blog authoring document, like this you can fill with your text and graphics. So let’s get to the details:

First you need to make sure your blogging software allows for remote calls to the site:

In WordPress

you can switch that on and off under “Settings > Writing” you scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Remote Publishing” section and check the check box next to “XML-RPC”, Save the changes. You are all set for remote publishing, i.e. from Microsoft Word.

Start with a new Document in Microsoft Word

When you click on new in Microsoft Word in your tool bar, you mostly get the option:

New Document or New Blog Post, you might have wondered why it just doesn’t create a new document. When you click on Blog post for the first time, it opens a window with less formatting options. And you have to go through some registration screen. Follow the directions on screen.

Settings for WordPress

Click on ok and you get an empty window with the headline inviting you to [Enter Post Title Here]

Security is an issue:

First rule; don’t use a password that secures also more sensitive information on other web sites. More on password security online in a different story.

MS Word will disrupt your flow with a security message quite often. Luckily once you have read my post, you are confident enough to turn this warning off by clicking on “Don’t show this message again”

So now we have a whole new post created without going through the web site. Because we only need to do one thing: Write, get pix and publish. I can do this from home so to speak.

So here is the post in Word:

Now I have to publish it:

First the decision: Publish or publish as draft.

I am a cautious person, doing this for the first time, don’t know really the behavior, I publish as draft.

Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection you’ll see a little window flash up with “contacting the blog provider” Didn’t catch it to show you sorry.. I didn’t get any confirmation if it was successful or not. Looking at the post administration on the web, I see the post in the list marked draft.

So that worked.

What about my screenshots and other pictures?

They were all uploaded to the Media library.

And now, I also see on the top of my word window the following message:

So cool.

Now how does it actually look?

In WordPress any draft can be “Preview”-ed, now you see it in live and below is a screen shot of an earlier version of it.

The last question, I had been, when I now publish is for real and not as draft. Through the remote connection word will now, upload the additional pictures and will change the status of the post from draft to publish. And you are all done.

Last word: Formatting

This is a great process, especially when you have a few pictures you would like to spread out over the length of the post and use your known environment also for blog posting.

I have and still have a rather love/hate relationship when it comes to MS Word and HTML, but I was very pleased to see how this process works well with WordPress. One requirement is that you make the button “Clear all formatting” your friend. Don’t use any font formatting (except maybe for bold, italics) at all, just use the Styles. They correspond with the overall style-sheet of your Theme and guarantees consistency over all your posts and pages, and should you ever have the desire to change the Theme, you don’t risk those previous formatting needs to be changes because it doesn’t work anymore with the new Theme.

Another advantage to making it a habit using Microsoft Word is that you will always have a copy of your blog post on your computer, if you need to reuse portions for a different publication.

Now take a look at the post screen shot below….

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