How to apply for NFN Listserv Services

What would you need to do to use this service?

  1. Decide on the character of the list:
    1. discussion or announcement – people post to the list to have an online discussion only list owner is able to sent message to list of subscribers.
    2. privat or public – people can freely subscibe to your list or have to be approved
    3. moderated or unmoderated – postings have to be checked by a moderator to make it into the list
    4. closed or open – only subscibers can post to the list, or non-subscribers can post to the list.
  2. Recruit a volunteer to act as the administrator for each list. (We will train and support her or him very closely)
  3. Come up with a catchy name for your list as well as a short discription
  4. Fill out the online form,  sending the information to our Listserv Administrator, Birgit Pauli-Haack

While you are waiting for an answer:

  • Develop a list of current or known members and obtain their email addresses
  • Write a nice welcome message for your list members, that will be sent to new members, once they subscribe

If you need a little more expanding information on listserv, you can read the

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